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Single Hung Impact Windows is a traditional and standard window style that continues to be used in new construction and window retrofit projects. You have probably seen these style windows many times, perhaps you just didn’t realized what they were called. A single hung window has two panes, on which the bottom one moves vertically to open and close.
Single Hung windows can be used throughout a building, in almost any type of room. These windows are easy to open and can provide sunlight, fresh air but also protection against the elements. They are classically designed and can fit into all types of motifs and styles of exterior and interior design. This is not the type of window that requires specialized installation or very specific usage.
Other popular styles of Impact Windows are Awning Impact Windows, Horizontal sliding impact windows and Casement Impact Windows.
This style of window can be used to keep outside elements out or inside elements in. Some owners have single hung windows that they never intend on opening. On the other hand, other owners open and close their windows daily. Single hung windows are a good fit for either situation. When they remain shut, they are strong and stable protecting against things like wind and rain. Single hung windows can be easily opened to provide fresh air and a nice cool breeze into a warm house on a summer day.
One of the major benefits of this type of window, is their cost. Single Hung Windows are inexpensive to purchase and install. In fact, they can cost up to 20% less than a double hung window. 20% may not seem like that big of a difference, but when multiple windows are being purchased and installed, the savings can really add up quick!

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